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    Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2016) Your Case & the Cutting Room Floor: Too Much of a Good Thing? Ten Tips For Financial Mediation Medical Records in Family Law Cases No September or October 2016 E-newsletters Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2016) Is an Uncontested Child Custody Order Right For You? Can I Give Up My Rights as a Parent? What Is Family Court? Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2016) New Case: Was the Marriage Worth the Paper it was Printed On? Infliction of Emotional Distress: Does My Divorce Qualify? What Happens to My Child Support Payment if I Quit My Job? Family Matters E-newsletter (June 2016) A Dish Best Served Cold: Malicious Prosecution Cases in NC The House of Cards: Parents and Substance Abuse Not a Shield Nor a Sword: Daddy Went to Prison Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2016) What Counts as Income for Child Support in NC? Right to Privacy: Can We Close the Courtroom When I Testify? "Growing" Your Second Family But Not Supporting Your First: Spears v. Spears Family Matters E-newsletter (April 2016) Can My Spouse Spill the Beans in Court? Spousal Privilege in NC Alternatives to Court - Alternative Dispute Resolution Why Do I Have to Get All These Documents to Start My Case? Family Matters E-newsletter (March 2016) Is Your Life an Open Book? Part I: Protective Orders in Discovery Is Your Life an Open Book? Part 2: Quashing Subpoenas Two's Company & Three's a Crowd: 3rd Parties in Family Law Cases Family Matters E-newsletter (February 2016) Parenting Coordination (Guest Feature) The Spirit of the Law: Enforcing Orders Getting Attorney's Fees in Family Law Cases Family Matters E-newsletter (January 2016) What Do Judges Consider in Child Custody Cases? Going Through Your Case With a Fine Tooth Comb: Appeals Hired Guns: Experts in Family Law Cases

    2015 Family Matters E-newsletters

    Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2015) Five Myths About Child Support in North Carolina How Do I Get My Name Off the Mortgage? Marital Property on the Chopping Block: Is it Always 50/50? Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2015) Who Has the Final Say, the Client or the Lawyer? Separate Property in a Nutshell Should You Settle or Let the Judge Decide? Doing the Right Thing: Reporting Abuse of the Disabled Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2015) Medical Expenses and Child Support New Identities for Victims of Domestic Violence Statutory Rape and the Age of Consent in NC Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2015) Passports and You Kids: Got a Ticket to Ride? Child Custody Mediation in NC Courts Basics of Child Support and Health Insurance New Law: Civil No-Contact Orders For Victims of Sexual Assault Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2015) Businesses in NC Marital Property Division Cases Untying the Knot: Alimony in Our State New Law: Rights of the Terminally Ill to Try Experimental Treatment Home Sweet Home? Can My Child Choose Where to Live? Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2015) Veterans and Military Families in Divorce and Separation Airing Dirty Laundry: Alienation and Criminal Conversation Claims The ABCs of College Expenses What is Guardianship in North Carolina? Family Matters E-newsletter (June 2015) Too Close For Comfort: Legal Consequences of Incest Social Media, the Legal System and Digital Footprints Broken Hearts & Legal Claims for Breach of the Promise to Marry How Much Will My Case Cost? Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2015) Things Aren't Always What They Seem: Fraud in North Carolina Surrogacy in North Carolina: What Can You Expect? Domestic Violence Cases & Rights of Gun Owners Family Matters E-newsletter (April 2015) Unborn Children: Custody, Visitation, Guardianship and Neglect Financial Fault in North Carolina Property Division Finding Yourself: Unique Birth Certificate Dilemmas Family Matters E-newsletter (March 2015) Sex and Slander: Defamation in North Carolina Show and Tell: Do You Really Need to Disclose Everything to Your Attorney? How Do You Feel . . . Is Your Attorney Listening to You? Family First: Four Caregiver Tips for Hospital Stays Family Matters E-newsletter (February 2015) Say It Ain't So: Annulment, Void and Voidable Marriages in North Carolina Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts Did We Reconcile or Are We Still Separated? Why Does Court Take So Long? Family Matters E-newsletter (January 2015) Three's a Crowd: Invisible Adoption Rights of Some Fathers in NC Who Keeps Your Friends When You Split? Are Bad Parents Rewarded in Custody Cases?

    2014 Family Matters E-newsletters

    Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2014) Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor (or Thy Ex): Perjury in NC Having an Affair with a Married Person? Three Big Reasons to Reconsider Sign on the Dotted Line: Separation Agreements in NC Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2014) And Then There's Graduation. . . (Child Custody) Your Nest Egg: Retirement and Divorce All About Adoption: Procedure (Part 1 of 2) Senior Citizens Handbook Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2014) Do You Really Want to Give Your Ex the Authority to Pull Your Plug? New Military Divorce Guide - Free Download Sanity and Insanity When it Comes to Granting a Divorce Can the House I Owned Before Marriage Become Marital Property? Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2014) Credit Report Peekaboo: Can My Ex Look at My Credit Report? Who Has the Decision on a Child's Medical Treatment, the Doctor, the Minor or the Parent? Don't Roll the Dice: Try Family Financial Mediation Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2014) Child Abuse by the "Good" Parent Announcement: VA Accreditation Affairs of the Heart: Torts in Family Law Just the Three of Us: You, Me and Uncle Sam Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2014) Life and Death and Family Law: The People Life and Death and Family Law: The Financial Matters American Indians and Family Law Family Matters E-newsletter (June 2014) Rules of Engagement: Prenuptial Agreements Strange Bedfellows: Marital Fault in North Carolina Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Courts Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2014) Child Neglect in North Carolina Safe Surrender Laws Divorce Magazine Spring 2014 Anatomy of a Subpoena Focus on: The Carolina Pregnancy Center The Pit Bull Lawyer No February, March or April 2014 Issues Family Matters E-newsletter (January 2014) Bigamy and Polygamy: The More The Marry-er? Legally Separated: Are We There Yet? What Are Divorce Papers? What Exactly is Child Abuse and Who Must Report It?

    2013 Family Matters E-newsletters

    Family Matters E-newsletter (December 2013) Common Law Marriage: Did You Accidentally Get Married? My Husband's Name is Not on the Deed. Why Does He Have to Sign? Message in a Bottle? Digital Co-parenting With You, Your Ex and the Children Can't Afford to Hire an Attorney For Your Entire Case? Divorce Coaching May Be For You Divorce Magazine  Family Matters E-newsletter (November 2013) Children who "Divorce" their Parents: Emancipation in NC Divorce Guide What's in a Name? How Names are Established and Changed "Grey" Property Division (after 50) The Forensic CPA: Your Ally in Divorce Family Matters E-newsletter (October 2013) We're Splitting Up - What About the Pets? Fathers and Divorce: Learn How to Bond With Your Children Without Mom Being There Recovering From Divorce is Like Climbing a Mountain, One Challenging Step After Another Free Download: Co-parenting After Divorce Family Matters E-newsletter (September 2013) Divorce Recovery - Mars and Venus: Advice from John Gray Stay Away and Focus on Healing: Ending a Destructive Relationship The Trauma of Betrayal . . . Suffering the Trauma of an Affair Free Download: Financial Divorce Guide Family Matters E-newsletter (August 2013) New Option - Collaborative Family Law Your Divorce: Experiment with Happiness Five Most Common Money Mistakes Divorce Magazine - Spring 2013                                                  
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