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The Basics

♦     Documents we need to begin your case why we need them

♦     Contact us

♦     Business hours and court closings


Billing and Financial Matters

Payment by credit card, read about billing, costs, fees, etc.


Forms For Your Case

♦    Form 6 EDIA Marital property 

♦    Form 4 Financial Affidavit  Alimony

♦    HIPAA release for your medical records

♦    Keep a custody/visitation calendar diary

♦    Permission to give your file or discuss your case with a third party


Working With Your Attorney

The importance of telling your attorney everything, who has the final say, etc.


FAQs and Explanations of the Process

How long this will take, what discovery means (Request for Production

and Interrogatories), depositions, subpoenas and more . . .


Good Links

Background checks, paternity testing, check your credit report, Child Support

Enforcement, DMV, substance abuse resources and more. . .


Interested in the Law?


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