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The Basics

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♦     Pay by Credit Card

♦     Finances & Billing 

♦     Documents We Need to Begin Your Case, and Why We Need Them

♦     Business Hours and Court Closings (See Facebook for our Closings/Delays)

♦     Good Links – Background Checks, Paternity and Drug Screen Testing, etc.


Forms For Your Case

♦     Marital Property – Form 6 EDIA (Word format) (PDF Format)

♦     Alimony – Form 4 Financial Affidavit (Word format)  (PDF Format)

♦     HIPAA Release For Your Medical Records

♦     Permission to Give Your File to or Discuss Your Case With a Third Party


Resources and Other Information

♦     Working with Your Attorney

♦     Working with a Daily Money Manager to Help with Your Case

♦    The Trial Process

   FAQs and Explanations of the Process

    Interested in the Law?


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