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Required Documents for Equitable Distribution Cases

(Division of Marital Property)

  • Copies of all deeds and deeds of trust for any real property outside of Pitt County, as well as any appraisals for any real property you might have, including timeshare ownership.
  • Copies of recent mortgage statements with account number(s) and amount of monthly mortgage payment(s). This includes home equity lines of credit or home equity loans.  If you are separated, please include statements starting with those for the whole calendar year you separated, and ending with recent statements.  Please provide documentation of any short sale or loan modification within the last twelve months.
  • Copies of titles and/or registration for personal property. Personal property includes any vehicles, boats, trailers, jet skis, ATVs/four-wheelers, motor cycles, farm equipment, machinery, mobile homes, etc. If the property was financed and has not been paid off, please provide any loan records and balances as of the date of separation.
  • Recent statements for ANY retirement benefits, including pensions, IRAs, mutual funds, 401(k)s and 403(b)s. If you are separated, please include statements starting with those for the whole calendar year you separated, and ending with recent statements. For pension plans, please contact the plan administrator for the value of your account currently, and as of the date you separated.  We also need statements for any outstanding loans against any retirement plan.
  • Recent statements for all bank accounts, including savings, checking, money market or investment accounts, including stocks and bonds. If you are separated, provide statements for the calendar year of your date of separation.
  • Recent statements for life insurance, and a statement closest to the date you separated. Whole life policies accrue and build in value, term policies do not.
  • All records from any recent bankruptcy case, any judgment/lien for money owed, personal injury case, etc.
  • Any paper trail showing your separate ownership of property, such as significant gifts, inheritance or ownership of an asset you already owned when you got married.
  • Statements for ANY debt in either person’s name, whether general loans, student loans, car loans, credit cards or any other kind of debt, both for the date of your separation and the current date.

Be sure to CHECK your recent credit report to be certain what debts are in your name either jointly with anyone else or individually. You may access and print one free credit report, for yourself only, annually from the three credit reporting agencies at www.AnnualCreditReport.com

KEEP all on-going records until your case is finished, such as credit card statements, bank statements, retirement contributions, etc.

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