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Family Law Topics                                                                                      

          ♦  Children’s Issues

          ♦  Marital Property and Debt

          ♦  Alimony and Post-Separation Support

           ♦  Domestic Violence

                                                                  ♦  Military Families

                                    ♦  Relationships (Separation, Annulment, Grandparents, Unmarried, etc.) 

                                    ♦  Alienation of Affections, Criminal ConversationBreach of Promise to Marry

Ways to Handle Your Family Law Case

♦  By Preparing for Worst Case Scenarios Ahead of Time With a Confidential Consultation

♦  By Contract: Separation Agreements, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Post-nuptial Agreements

♦  By Alternative Dispute Resolution: Collaborative DivorceFinancial Mediation, Child Custody Mediation        and/or Arbitration

♦  By the Court Process Known as Litigation

Estate Planning Tools   


          ♦ Estate Planning Basics

          ♦ Wills

          ♦ Trusts

                                                                ♦ Powers of Attorney

                                                                ♦ Real Life Examples



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