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Family Matters e-Newsletter (August 2018)
What Do All Those Custody Labels Really Mean? (2 of 2 – Physical Custody)
Is a 529 College Savings Plan a Gift to a Child or Marital Property?
The Trial: A Chaotic Experience

Family Matters E-newsletter (July 2018)
What Do All Those Child Custody Labels Really Mean in NC? (1 of 2 – Legal Custody)
My Ex Is Using the Attorney That I’m Paying For!
21 Divorce Experts All Share Their #1 Tip (Ms. Edwards is #16)
Clients and Attorneys Going in Different Directions: Marital Fault or Bad Behavior by the Other Parent

Family Matters E-newsletter (May 2018)
Domestic Violence Protective Orders
Contempt of Court in North Carolina
What Do Judges Consider in Alimony Cases?

Family Matters E-newsletter (April 2018)
The Top 3 Mistakes That Parents Make in Custody Cases
Why Are They Doing This? Motives in Family Law Disputes
Digital Privacy: Does Your Separation Agreement Have It?

Family Matters E-Newsletter (January 2018)
Can My Underage Daughter Get an Abortion Without Me Knowing?
How a Contract Magically Becomes a Court Order: Incorporation
The Top Five Reasons a Divorce Matters in North Carolina

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