Quality, Responsive and Trustworthy Family Law Services
We offer clients a strong work ethic combined with prompt and personalized client care.

Family Law Issues   

          Children’s Issues
          Marital Property and Debt
          Domestic Violence
          Alimony and Post-Separation Support
          Military Families
          Relationships (Separation, Annulment, Grandparents, Unmarried, etc.) 
         Torts in Family Law Cases (Alienation of affections, Slander, Fraud, Promise to Marry, etc.)                                                                      

Ways to Handle Your Family Law Case

          By Preparing for Worst Case Scenarios Ahead of Time With a Confidential Consultation
          By Contract: Separation AgreementsPre-nuptial AgreementsPost-nuptial Agreements
          By the Court Process Known as Litigation 
          By Alternative Dispute Resolution: 

                    Collaborative Divorce,                                                                    

                    Financial Mediation

                    Child Custody Mediation


Elder Law Matters

           Estate Planning
           Medicare Planning & Asset Preservation
           Elder Abuse

Estate Planning Tools

          Estate Planning Basics
          Powers of Attorney
          Prenuptial Agreements
          Real Life Examples





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