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Required Documents For Alimony Cases

By Local Court Rules, parties in Pitt County cases are now required to provide Initial Mandatory Disclosure of Documents before a case for alimony can be filed, or before the necessary response can be made.

(Rule 6.2) Initial Mandatory Disclosures for Post-Separation Support and Alimony.

Each party to an action for post-separation (temporary alimony) or alimony has the duty to provide the following documents designated in this rule to the other party and/or their counsel.

i.  Income tax returns for the preceding two (2) years including forms (W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, etc.) and all schedules and attachments.

ii.  Pay stubs/earning statements for the past twelve (12) months.

iii. Individual and business bank statements for the last twelve (12) months including cancelled checks, check registers, either online statements or standard statements, and evidence of checks paid.

iv.  Credit card statements for the last twelve (12) months for any credit card for which you are an authorized user (not just credit cards in your name).

v.  Business tax returns for the past two (2) years, including forms (W-2 forms, 1099 forms, K-1 forms, etc.) and all schedules and attachments.

vi.  All other documents reflecting “income” from all sources beginning January 1 of the year the Pleading or Motion is filed through the date of disclosure.

This disclosure includes but is not limited to income from:





Ownership or operation of a business, partnership, practice or corporation

VA disability

Social security benefits

Workers compensation benefits

Unemployment insurance benefits

Disability pay and insurance benefits

Alimony or maintenance received from persons other than the parties at issue in this case

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