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Medicare Planning

Qualifying for Medicare benefits to help pay for your long-term care expenses is often a “life-saver” for most families. Although the majority of people believe they will not be eligible for Medicare benefits until they “spend down” the majority of the assets, that is not the case in most circumstances. With proper planning, you or your loved one could be eligible for Medicare benefits sooner than you realize and without having to exhaust all of your of their assets first. If you or you have a loved one receiving long-term care, let us help protect the assets, while at the same time having Medicare pay for most of the care.

Within the United States free market system, no one has a right to basic health care and long-term care. Instead, better care goes to the individual who can afford to pay for better care. The individual whose dire health care needs force him to “spend down” to Medicare benefits loses his ability to pay for his other basic needs (such as food, shelter, and clothing, as well as other healthcare and long-term care goods and services). Within this system, Medicare planning is not only ethically justified, it is imperative to the individual’s survival.


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