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VA Accredited Attorney

Amy A. Edwards is a VA accredited attorney, designated as such by US Department  of  Veteran’s Affairs. Through  referrals  from  an American  Bar  Association  program known  as  the  Veterans’ Claim Assistance  Network (VCAN),  a  program  created in response  to  the huge backlog of disability claims by veterans, she represents veterans on   a pro bono basis when they file disability claims based on injuries or  illnesses  that  either  first  appeared  while  on  active duty, or were aggravated by their military duties.  She  is  also  a  long  term volunteer attorney for Operation  Standby,  a  program  managed   by the  American  Bar  Association’s  Military   Pro Bono  Project. Volunteer attorneys who participate in Operation Standby assist  military attorneys  with state-specific  expertise in the type of law they practice.

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